The Center provides information, support, community space, programming, and resources to LGBTQIA2S+ and questioning students.

What We Do

We strive to empower and holistically support queer and trans students. Our perspectives are rooted in racial, gender, and disability justice, and we work to create queer and trans community that responds to the intersectional experiences of all students.

Who We’re For

The Center serves all LGBTQIA2S+ students, students who are questioning or exploring their identity, and students who use other language to describe their experience but feel an affinity for the community that gathers in our space.

Who We Are

The Center is led by three full-time professional staff, a team of student interns, and the Queer Assembly—a collective of student leaders drawn from our many student organizations.


Kevin Vetiac – Director

Michelle Wallace – Assistant Director

Carter Strong – Associate Director

All-Gender Bathrooms at Northeastern University